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Associate Consultant Executive Course

Associate Consultant Executive Course

Master the art of consulting

About this Course

Whether you are considering an alternative career path or you just want to professionally earn a decent extra income, this associate consultant training program is ideal for you. It is a comprehensive 12-week course that is specifically designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become independent and associate consultants, ready to handle projects for clients in diverse business fields across multiple sectors.

Why is this course unique?

The course aims to provide participants with a wide range of consulting skills and techniques to effectively analyze business problems, develop strategies, and implement solutions. Upon completion of the training, participants will have the opportunity to work on real projects based on their areas of interest and strengths. These assignments will be assigned by the facilitators, allowing participants to gain practical experience while generating income.

The program fosters a professional environment where participants will learn about client engagement, effective communication, project management, and the business development aspects of consulting.

Course Outline

WEEK 1: Introduction to Mapemond Brand Consulting
WEEK 2: Pitching Our Services
WEEK 3: About Mapemond Business Academy (Being the Light)
WEEK 4: The Concept of Branding
WEEK 5: Selling by Telling (Brand Communications)
WEEK 6: Building Reputable Brands 1
WEEK 7: Building Reputable Brands 2
WEEK 8: Building Reputable Brands 3
WEEK 9: Leads Generation, Profiling Prospects & Closing Sales
WEEK 10: Assigning Projects
WEEK 11: Writing Smart Business Proposals
WEEK 12: The Versatile Consultant (Essentials on Business Consulting)

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