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Mapemond Affiliate Program

Mapemond Affiliate Program

Become A Mapemond Affiliate

About this Course

Welcome to the Mapemond Affiliate Program!

Our success story is built on the shoulders of those who believed in us and shared our vision with others. As our global presence continues to expand, referrals have remained an essential part of our growth, contributing to a substantial 70% of our revenues over the years.

Your role as a Mapemond Affiliate is simple yet impactful. We invite you to identify potential clients, businesses, and organizations that can benefit from our comprehensive range of services. From brand development and management to marketing and sales, training, business strategy, and structural enhancement, Mapemond is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals.

Why is this course unique?

By joining our affiliate program, you’re not just earning extra income – you’re becoming a valuable partner in our mission to transform businesses and organizations.

Course Outline

Mapemond Affiliate Orientation
Mapemond Complete Price Charts
10% commission on every deal
5% commission on every repeat patronage
Training & coaching
Continuous support
Access to learning resources
Possible associate consultant status

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