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Personal Branding Masterclass With Mister Maple

Personal Branding Masterclass With Mister Maple

Elevate your personal brand

About this Course

People who harness the power of personal branding increase their chance of success in life by 70%. You can get more out of life than you think if you become intentional in defining and positioning your personal brand.

Are you ready to take your personal brand to the next level? Join us for an exclusive masterclass with Mister Maple, a renowned expert in personal branding. As your Co-Traveler, he believes that building a strong personal brand is the key to success in today’s world, and he is dedicated to providing unwavering support throughout your journey.

The mission is to equip you with the wisdom, knowledge, insights, and experiences of Mister Maple.

Why is this course unique?

The big idea at Co-Traveler is to serve as your trusted companion on life’s voyage, guiding you through the various facets of building your personal brand.

He understands that every journey is unique and filled with diverse experiences, including mistakes. He’s been down that road, learned from those errors, and now, he’s here to assist you in doing the same.

The potential to be unlocked in your life through personal branding is enormous, and we hope you derive every drop of value that this masterclass offers.

Course Outline

1. Understanding Personal Branding
2. Personal Branding Chart (PBC) & Crafting A Personal Mission Statement
3. You & Your Emotions
4. You & Society
5. Grasping The Sensitive Issues
6. Monetizing Your Personal Brand
7. Your Ikigai
8. Building Brand Visibility
9. Developing A Personal Brand Roadmap
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1. Improving Your Network
2. Money Making Ideas

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